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Each year, Simpson Dura-Vent invests millions of dollars in machinery, tooling, manufacturing, and technology in order to provide unequaled quality and service. All of Simpson Dura-Vent’s products are exclusively American made. Manufacturing facilities are located in Vacaville (CA), and Vicksburg (MS). There are service warehouses in Fontana (CA), Eagan (MN), and Brampton in Ontario, Canada. Simpson Dura-Vent’s skilled work force, combined with state of the art machinery, is dedicated to providing consistent quality and service that exceeds industry standards.

Simpson Dura-Vent’s customer service department’s commitment to excellence is backed up with a computer system that provides immediate answers on product availability, lead times, and shipping schedules. At Alaska Stove & Spa we can answer your technical questions, help with proper sizing, and provide solutions to your venting problems. At Simpson Dura-Vent, getting product to the jobsite complete and on time is of utmost importance. They invest heavily in finished product inventory so that distributors like us will be able to provide you with superior product availability and service.

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