Inserts are the New Fireplace

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An insert is an efficient heat producing appliance that installs into your existing fireplace. That way, it uses the same firebox, chimney, and hearth that already exists in your home, and retrofits your fireplace with something that produces heat. So, why make the switch?

Inserts are Efficient

When you light a fire in an old-style fireplace it draws air and smoke up and out of the chimney. This is so that your house doesn’t get smokey, but past technologies were simple and pulled all air up and out, including the heat that is supposed to be filling your home. Then, when the fire goes out cold drafts blow down into your home, making it colder. In the heating business, we call this a negative efficiency. Inserts, on the other hand, have a positive efficiency. This means that they keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

Fireplaces are Outdated

Along with their technology being outdated, it’s not uncommon to visit a home that has a fireplace filled with candles, fake logs, or old newspapers. That’s because fireplaces are no longer an easy way to heat your home, or even enjoy a cozy atmosphere. Inserts provide a much cleaner, more modern look. They’re also easier to use and safer because they’re closed in.

It’s All About the Heat!

No matter what kind of insert you buy it will put off impressive heat. Gas and wood inserts have a blower to push all that warm air into your home. 

You Have Options

Inserts come in many styles and sizes. It can have a classic fireplace look, a traditional cast iron look, or an interesting modern look. And as opposed to burning logs in a standard fireplace, inserts have fuel choices such as gas, wood, or wood pellets. Gas inserts give you the option to choose what interior goes into your insert as well, like glass pebbles or ceramic logs. Check out our article about the differences between burning gas and wood.

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