Z42 Zero Clearance Fireplace Wood Fireplace



The Z42 consists of applied modern technology and design to create a zero clearance fireplace to heat your home safely and efficiently. It is a wood-burning fireplace activated by lighting fuel and tinder inside a closed off area.


Like its gas-burning counterparts, we have designed the Z42 to operate at the highest level of efficiency. This fireplace unit has a 49,133 BTUs BTU/hr input rate. A 73% efficiency rating, it also burns efficiently enough to heat your home as quickly as a gas fireplace. While it cannot be connected to your thermostat, a wood stove will burn at a temperature hot enough to spread heat throughout your space.


As a zero clearance model, the Z42 can be safely lit in a closed space with a fire kit, tinder, and up to twenty-two inch long logs for fuel.

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Additional information

Additional information

Fireplace Type Single Sided

Heat Output High

Wood Fireplace Brand Kozy Heat



Standard Features:

  • NSPS Phase 2 Certified
  • U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Certified to comply with 2020 particulate emission standards using cordwood.
  • UL 127-2015 (R2016) and Can/ULC S610-87 Safety Standards for U.S. and Canadian installations.
  • 49,133 Btu/hr (Peak Btu/hour Output)
  • LHV: 70.6%/HHV: 66%
  • High-Quality Pyro-Ceram Glass
  • Speed Control with Receptacle Assembly
  • Air-Wash System
  • Large Burning Area
    • Fits up to 22″ logs
  • Air-Seal 10 gauge Steel Door/Cast Doors
  • Approved with all UL 103 HT or CAN/ULC S629 – 6” Insulated Chimney Systems
  • Metal Insulated Chimney
  • Zero Clearance
  • (2) Heat Duct knock-outs for optional ducting
  • 20 year limited warranty

Optional Features:

  • Grills:
    • Black Grills
    • Mission Design Grills
    • Prairie Design Grills
  • Fan Kit
  • 6″ Flexible Heat Duct Kit (#970 kit required)

2020 Z42 Non-CBI report Non-CBI Summary Report Z42 Certification Report Summary