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Proprietary Topside Controls

AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL’s new intuitive SmartTouch 2 control panels are easy to read with large colorful buttons and animations allowing you to easily control the hot tub with the tap of your finger. Unlike your smart devices this control works even when wet. This combined with Powerworks® and fully electronic pumps makes it one of the most advanced hot tubs in the world.

Ergonomic Control Valves

The Ergonomic Massage Controller is illuminated to work in harmony with the other lighting options. It provides an ergonomic grip for easy adjustment of the jet pressure.

Dr. Designed Performance Seating

Performance Seating™ means AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® has the most comfortable spas in the industry. Each seat is designed to provide full body immersion and proper posture, in harmony with their respective jetting pattern, for comfort and superior jet performance. Built-in Comfort Collars® cradle your head while side bolsters hold your body in an ergonomic position. The shape and dimensions of each seat are designed to the curvature of the spine which provides correct posture, reducing stress on your lower back.

Comfort Collar®

A neck massage therapy system is one of the most relaxing features in a spa. The reverse molded Comfort Collar’s unique cushion supports your neck, gently cradling your head while adjustable cyclone jets massage neck and shoulder muscles. The Comfort Collar® also allows a relaxing massage above the water line, it’s like having your neck massaged by a loved one. This hallmark feature is one of the reasons many have already chosen an AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® hot tub.

X-Series Collar

The convenient X-series option replaces the Comfort Collar® and increases the seat size in the deep corner seat for physical freedom of movement and enhanced comfort for those who need it.
Four strategically placed cluster jets provide a deep tissue neck massage to targeted pressure points, relieving tension.

Foot Relief Zone

Many important nerve endings in the feet connect to all parts of your body. Sore and tired feet can affect how we feel all over. The ingenious Foot Relief Zone® targets the upper and lower parts of the feet with streams of water that provide a complete massage for relaxation throughout the body.

TheraMAAX® Jets

The proprietary TheraMAAX® Jets utilize a scientifically designed grill surrounding the nozzle of the jet. This grill reduces drag on moving parts and cohesion of the jet stream. The TheraMAAX® design maximizes performance and improves the massaging action. The three spoke stainless steel escutcheon provides a textured landing for your fingers. This natural shape and position of the landing areas make it easy to adjust the power of the jet.

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