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At Alaska Stove & Spa we’re proud to be the leading seller of home heating products in Alaska. We display and sell a wide variety of American Made hot tubs, fireplaces, stoves, saunas, steam generators, and accessories all under one roof.




Quadra-Excursion II Gas Stove

Hot Tubs




The Best & Fully Customizable Hot Tubs

Whether you work a desk job, or do something more physical, nothing feels better than starting or ending your day relaxing in hot tub. With over 45 hot tubs and multiple brands to choose from, we have the expertise to help you find the perfect hot tub for your home. Now featuring Alaska’s only MADE IN THE USA, worlds most efficient, and most importantly the only custom designed hot tubs sold! Custom designed by who? Custom designed by you! Pick up to 18 jet configurations for ANY Seat, that can be changed at ANY time…even when there is water in the hot tub. Future proof your purchase by choosing the ONLY Hot tub in the world that is fully customizable today, tomorrow, and for life. The Hot tub that changes with you, and for less money than the competition!

Hot Commodities

Occasional market fluctuations aside, energy prices are only going in one direction: up. Meanwhile, supply seems to be going in the exact opposite direction. If you’re sick of paying through the nose to heat your home, there’s never been a better time to switch to an efficient stove, fireplace or insert. Available in wood, gas and even pellet. Alaska Stove & Spa carries the best brands in the industry.

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